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Korealines Taking Over Trans-Pacific Line from Hanjin Shipping

After successfully outbidding Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) for the rights to Hanjin Shipping's trans-Pacific lines, Korea Line Corporation (KLC) revealed details of their trans-Pacific operation. KLC will launch trans-Pacific lines to Pacific South West (PSW) market, focused on South China and Korea export market.  Further details is to be announced. For other valued assets of Hanjin Shipping, Mediterranean Shipping Co. (MSC) purchased stakes in Total Terminals International, exercising further control in both Port of Long Beach and Port of Seattle....
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Hanjin Shipping – Bankruptcy Protection

After extended fiasco for all involved freight forwarders, truckers, and consignees, most of the vessels headed to U.S. on Hanjin Shipping vessels have completed unloading their cargo.  While there may be another extended period of languish handling aftermath of the delayed cargo and incurred charges, at least most of, if not all, cargo have been unloaded, with Hanjin Bremerhaven and Hanjin Baltimore having arrived at East Coast through Panama Canal. Ocean Blue Express has provided daily newsletter for all of our customers and colleagues through the...
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The Main Issues of 2014 The ILWU six (6) year contract will expire on 6/30/2014. Headline issues of this year’s negotiation: 1. HEALTH CARE: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) or also known as the OBAMA CARE places a tax on “Cadillac” (no premiums, co-pay for medicine of $1) health care plans. Estimated to be approximately $150 million dollars per year. The terminal operators are not going to want to pay this tax. 2. JURISDICTIONAL AUTHORITY: With terminals consolidating the ILWU will be concerned about work possibly moving to non-union...
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